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Free shipping on orders from 30 € !

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RENT: Bubble gun party



Carefully selected a bubble tool that does a lot for me, which works best with the bubble fluid of small bubbles.
NO need to dip or grease your hands anywhere – the liquid is sealed on the side of the gun
Thanks to careful user design bubbles in any position – end, up, down, sideways – it makes no difference. It’s still coming to me. It is suitable for small people.
The machine has a separate button from which you can turn the voice function on and off (begins to make a sound when the trigger is pressed). This button will benefit both children and parents:)
Works with 3xAA batteries. The rental kit includes powerful Duracell 2500MAH batteries.
We have used the machine ourselves and can confirm that this is a really cool and distinctive bubble wrapping tool, which we definitely dare to recommend! The machine is easy to use and all children from the age of 2 (under parental supervision) manage it nicely.

YOU CAN (24h):

5x high-quality white bubble gun with charged batteries
5 litres of bubble fluid

SKU: 703-1-1
Tootegrupp: ,

5 very high-quality bubble gun to bubble party to make thousands of tiny bubbles

The solution can be found from our bubble studio Kadaka tee 3a, Mustamäe, Tallinn or by courier all over Estonia.
Rental period: 24h. It is possible to take the day before and return the day later so that there is no fuss on the holiday.

The price of a lost or hopelessly broken machine: 20 EUR

#bubble machine rental
#bubble rain
# bubble birthday

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm

Chinese manufacturer


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