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Free shipping on orders from 30 € !

We work 7 days a week.

On site parcel pickup 24/7


Giant bubbles are the passion of our family!

We discovered this passion for ourselves completely by accident when we went on holiday to Barcelona with our family of 3 in 2015. We met a fantastic street artist there who made giant soap bubbles to entertain everyone. We looked enchanted and enjoyed the performance of the other observers. The children used to be big fans of bubbling, but now they have a desire to bubble on a larger scale. When we returned home, we decided to try making huge bubbles ourselves. We searched the internet for information about making giant bubbles and it turned out that there were many different recommendations for making them, but these recommendations did not work in our climate and needed ingredients that could be ordered with a long waiting time, and only from abroad. Seemingly simple task changed to months of testing, with different ingredients and amounts. We often got bubbles to work, but they weren’t as big and long-lasting as we had seen in Barcelona. After three months of testing, we were able to dose a fluid that really worked and made it really big and lasting bubbles. In addition to the liquid of giant bubbles, we also invented bubbling sticks with suitable cords. Children had a lot of fun and their own inner child woke up in the adults too 🙂

Bubbling your own children became a bubbling of your friends’ children, making sets for various parties and going to fairs and opening an online store. We produce, pack and make our goods by hand, and our children also take part in the production.

We are grateful if you decide to order bubble joy from us and help our family business continue!

Nutisahver OÜ

NB! We do not have a physical store, but you can visit us by calling ahead. Make purchases in our e-store.



Why Hiigelmullid?


Easy to use

Just add water and start bubbling.



Everyone can do it

We guarantee that children from the age of three will be able to intuitively cope with bubbling immediately.



The liquid is not toxic to the environment or the user and does not damage the lawn.

It was a really awesome experience! For hours, both children were busy with bubbles. I was able to drink coffee in peace 🙂


Mother of two

Moreover, we had never seen such people outside of TV before. We thought it was just the fine art of circus performers, so it was a pleasant surprise when my four-year-old child immediately learned the art of blowing bubbles. We continued at home and now we are already on the hunt for new liquid. Thank you!


Fair visitor

Happy clients

years of experience

million bubbles


positive feedback

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