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Osta komplektMeie põhilised peokomplektidEUR29

Rendi komplektAlati ei pea omamaEUR20

Kutsu meidKäime üritustelEUR150


The best bubble set for a birthday. Our most popular. 10-15 children.

Our set of tools, including long sticks, for 5-10 children

A small but good set for a smaller party. 2-5 children.

Bubble set for a bigger party. 15-35 children.

The largest set of bubbles. For events, big parties. 35 – 100 children

Children’s getting into bubble ring with liquid

15 cm balloon and mattress pump.

Intensive colors and flavors. 400g and 1kg quantities

5-15 children. For an average birthday or garden party.

15-25 children. All bubbling devices inside. For a bigger birthday

25-100 children. Very large selection of tools including maintenance items. For area Coffee days, public party

The best battery bubble machine in the Baltics 4000 bubbles per minute. Liquid included. We also recommend a tripod.

SUPER OFFER! Bubbling equipment, bubble machine with stand, transport – ALL INCLUDED!

Elegantly large sticks and tricks and lots of fluid and transport too – ALL INCLUDED!

Let’s put it up and take it off. You ride

Professional machine, sugar, sticks, table, extension cord, set of effective decors – all included

Decent dishes. Attention has been paid to details. Even vases are included 🙂

Bubbles, bubble machines, bubble access, tables, chairs, dishes, sugar maker, giant balloons, crutches, speaker. Even a tent if desired 🙂

Tables, chairs, tents, speaker, refrigerator, etc.

We come and bubble with the children for an hour and a half

We will come and bubble with the children for as many hours as you want! An ideal solution for the children’s area of the festival, concerts, district days, etc.

A serious foam gun for a very foamy party.

Stylish counter with a powerful machine, a stylish bartender and a cotton candy with fantastic decor. We can offer cotton candy to everyone free of charge (0-150 EUR will be added depending on the nature and length of the party) or at a unit price of 1 EUR for discipline (the price shown in the advertisement is valid)