Ideal bubbling conditions. Why don’t bubbles come out sometimes?

  • bubbles come out in any weather, but under certain conditions they are larger, there are more of them and they last longer😊.
  • in an ideal place, the bubbles have room to fly, there is a little shade, moderate wind, smooth ground (not from the stone – it gets slippery and the children fall!).

Small comparison table for best results (our rating):

Good Worse
Cloudy (bubbles last longer) Full sun (bubbles break faster)
Wet, also rainy (bubbles last longer) Scorchingly dry (bubbles break faster)
Fit/cool (bubbles last longer) Hot, hot, over +25
Early morning, late-night dew (bubbles last longer) Noon (dry)
1-3 (~5) m/s wind (wind does not tear me apart) More than ~5m/s of wind (excluding multi-iron)
With moderate winds (bubbles fly farther) Completely windless (except with one aperture)
Flat terrain (bubblers do not stumble. The look is up…) Hilly, obstacles on the ground
Asphalt, stone, smooth surface (the ground becomes slippery, risk of falling!) Pruned lawn, rough concrete, porous surface
Clean (micro-dust does not break bubbles) Dusty, with grass blades, littery

Sometimes the bubbles don’t come out. This is mostly due to:

  • Forgot to dilute the concentrate with water;
  • The liquid is spoiled. Sometimes concentrate can also spoil.
  • How to recognize spoiled fluid:
    • The liquid lacks transparency;
    • Concentrate becomes whitish. We’re replacing the spoiled concentrate. Write to us!
  • The weather is too dry and/or warm (air temperature +25; humidity below 50%)