Buying, paying, transport

Huge bubbles can be bought

  • online store (www.hiigelmullid.ee)
  • fairs
  • from the spot (by preliminary agreement Celery 13/3)

We can pay for a physical purchase

  • Card
  • Cash
  • with a bank link

You can pay securely in the online store

  • with bank links for all Estonian banks
  • debit and credit cards
  • Invoice
  • e-invoice (place an order with an “invoice” and send an e-invoice with a suitable payment term and other conditions via the system on the same day)
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Paypal

Receive ordered goods

  • as a rule, we put parcel machines/give to the courier on the same day and so he or she will be there all over Estonia the next day. In the case of evening orders, one day shifts forward (we also people, right:)).
    • Follow the route of the parcel (you can get the code from us when you post by e-mail or ask separately):
  • If you chose to pick up as a method of receipt, read this article