Cotton candy with ginger from giant bubbles – something completely new!

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Cotton candy with ginger from giant bubbles – something completely new!

An old, airy treat

Sugar wool has been made since about 1900. In itself, it is a very simple confection, which consists of – surprise, surprise – 100% sugar 🙂 Well, to be precise, it is often accompanied by pleasantly toning food colors, and this sweet puff, which is handed over to the customer over the counter, is full of the main sugar wool component. – into the air :).

Not so harmful because…

There is a widespread perception that this is sugar that is harmful through and through, and that eating them drives children crazy. Yes, children are really crazy to see the fluffy candy canes and often twitch their parents’ hands – the sweets on their heads seem extremely desirable. In fact, that big bun contains only 7 (one spoonful) to 14 (two spoonfuls) grams of sugar, and the rest is air! The same is true of food colors, which are indeed known as e-substances: their concentration in one set of sugar is miniature! Because the port is visually large, it takes time to eat. It’s sweet, too – and it’s often not more than one watt. However, it is equal in quantity to just one little candy!

Colorful and chewy sugar – why not

The giant bubbles took the offer of cotton candy to their heart’s content: this way we can rent one or more sugar machines with the necessary sticks, scoops and cotton swabs and a pretty large portion of colored sugar. In addition, we offer the largest selection of colored flavored sugar in Estonia. The selection includes especially spicy fruit flavors, coca-cola flavors as well as mojito and other flavors, which are used for a good home party.

Show and chilli

And that’s not all! We are the only one in Estonia to offer a stylized sugar cotton counter for large events with a skilled and appropriately dressed sugar cotton manufacturer. People are used to the fact that cotton candy is just one colored sweet and fluffy ball on top of a stick. We have changed that perception! We offer our customers a wide set of sugar wool decoration and seasoning for large events, as well as in agreement with a rental machine. Decorations with bright colors include both pleasantly sour (eg freeze-dried berries, sour powder, vanilla) and unexpected (chilli, ginger, rum) decors. This approach has so far only given a much more appetizing appearance to adults, which has only made cotton candy enjoyable for children. In any case, our cotton wool is a big hit at company parties! All the more so as an added value, we allow all party guests to effectively spin their quilts themselves.

A breeze – every child can do it

Making a screwdriver at a home party is also a breeze – even children can do it! The machine can also be used to earn money at fairs, cafe days, community events. Costs are low, menu and revenue great! Our machines are protected by a dome that prevents the wadding from spreading in the room, and if desired, you can also rent a base table at a suitable height.

There is no good reason not to buy a wonderful professional sugar maker from your e-shop with a wide selection of giant bubbles for your children’s party or adult event and choose a colored cotton candy with one or more different flavors.


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