Why choose giant bubbles?

  1. Giant bubbles are the only Estonian company that offers professional bubbling equipment;
  2. Considering the customer feedback, we have constantly improved our products to maximize the joy of bubbling;
  3. Our bubblegum is long and light. So they can be raised high, where there is more wind. Sticks of this length are not even offered across the border.
  4. Nature matters: our bubble sticks are made from natural ingredients (wood, leotards), and the liquid contains water and only a small amount of soap;
  5. We offer very good customer service. We are quickly available by phone (Mon-Sun between 8-23) and e-mail. You can also write in the chat on our website. We don’t communicate with machines, but people who know everything about their field!
  6. The package will be delivered quickly. If you have chosen to self-follow the goods, you can do so 24/7;
  7. Our e-shop is thorough and thoughtful. You will get answers to all questions;
  8. Giant bubbles are a family business, operating since 2016. We want our bubbles to be the best and always bring a smile to our faces;
  9. Quality and customer satisfaction are important. If you are not satisfied, we will refund the money. Also a year later. You can read more about the terms and conditions here.