What do Hiigelmullid offer?

You can buy from the giant bubbles e-shop:

    1. High-quality and environmentally friendly concentrate of giant bubbles, from which soap bubble liquid can be mixed
    2. High-quality and natural bubbling equipment for giant bubbles (bubble sticks, reels and flags);
    3. Liquid bubbles;
    4. Huge balloons;
    5. Huge loose ball;
    6. Candied sugar;
    7. Our handicraft
    8. Products supporting the above

Giant bubbles for rent:

    1. All the equipment you need to make giant bubbles.
    2. Bubble entry kit
    3. Professional sugar machines suitable for home users.
    4. Powerful bubble machines with batteries and smoke bubbles.
    5. Toss machines.
    6. Foam cannon for an acute bubble party.
    7. Monkey railways for a special party experience.
    8. Accessories needed for events, such as tents, tripods, birthday furniture, set of dishes, photography lights.

Giant bubbles offer the following services:

    1. A team of giant bubbles will come to the event, bubbling and tricking with children as well as adults;
    2. Stylized sugar cotton for your event (sugar cotton with decorations, which we also allow customers to spin effectively)
    3. A giant balloon party
    4. Delivery.