Tips and tricks


Single hole sticks

  • lift the sticks from the bowl in front of you, holding the ends of the sticks together
  • “Loosen the cords” at the top and let the air bubble
  • if necessary, move back to catch the wind or turn around quietly
  • the higher the wind, the less the ropes open
  • put the ends of the stick together (= close the bubble) – the bubble will fly off, open again, repeat
  • try to make bubbles, giants, a row of bubbles, etc.
  • the larger the sticks, the slower the action
  • with wet cords you can tickle and split me
  • It ‘s especially exciting to blow me inside the bubble


  • most suitable for smaller (but not limited to) bubblers
  • quickly pull straight out of the bowl, over your head
  • keep downwind
  • draw “dragons”
  • turn around
  • talk about bubbles
  • try me and combine them


  • to bubble, hold the string between the sticks
  • raise your head where the wind is moving, hold and let the wind work
  • if the wind is weaker, twist the tight cords around you or move back
  • as you bubble along the buildings, you may discover violent winds carrying me
  • always keep the multi-irons above your head – high airflows are required. In addition, the bubbles will fly farther and the other children will not be able to burst them immediately

Bubble tunnel

  • Place the bubble tunnel on a flat surface. Indoors, place a carpet that may get wet. Pour the liquid into the bowl of the bubble tunnel
  • wet the bubble ring properly. Let the tunnel enters the center of the roller. Lift the bubble ring off the handle. Repeat when the bubble breaks
  • the bubble can be entered alone or in a variety, by a child or an adult
  • may attempt to blow out a bubble, to place a bubble bubble on a squat bubbler, etc. Of course you can take very sharp pictures
  • the child can also lift the bubble tunnel ring
  • NB! The bubble tunnel can only be used indoors (without drafts) or outdoors in complete silence.

Tricks and tips

  1. Using wet cords, you can halve me;
  2. You can put a wet hand in the bubble inside the bubble or keep it on the bubble;
  3. With multi-stranded sticks you can make long bubble corridors;
  4. On a dark background, the bubbles remain more visible in the image;