Recommendations for making a choice

Bubble fluid

  • For one child, 1l of ready-made bubble fluid is enough for about 30-45 minutes;
  • Fluid consumption depends on a number of factors:
    • wind speed (more often watered in the case of higher winds)
    • air humidity (in drier weather it is watered more often, because bubbles break faster)
    • temperament (whether the liquid is allowed to drip away above the bowl, whether it is waving sticks)
    • the type of bubbling agent (the more string there is, the higher the fluid cost)
  • Under normal conditions, 10 children can bubble for an hour with about 20l bubble fluid (aged 4-5 years and 2 large bowls in use).

Mulching tools

  • The general rule: the longer the strings, the larger or more bubbles can be made.
  • From the age of 3 years, in our long-term experience, all children cope very well with most means. And it comes to them more intuitively than the parents:)
  • Note that each bubbling agent has a different color of cord. This way you can distinguish them in pictures and match them with products.
  • It does not matter that, for example, bubble tools at a children’s party are equal to the number of children. Some kids are fishing for bubbles – not everyone wants to bubble at once.

Selection suggestions

The table gives our assessment. When choosing a set, you can count on it. Depending on the size of the group and the time planned for mulching, you can buy additional concentrate.


Going for sure Most people can cope It’s getting tough Giant Bubble Recommendation #1


We have packed different bubble tools and different amounts of bubbling fluid into kits, but everything can also be purchased separately. When buying as a set, the price is simply cheaper.

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Our customers have also asked us for other party stuff.

Therefore, you can rent super cool bubble machines from us (on battery and batteries, very carefully selected especially powerful machines), buy metric balloon balls, rent several rare games (crutches, ball parachute) for your birthday as additional attractions, as well as a full set of birthday tables and chairs and dish sets. There is also a selection of photography aids. If you’re in one place anyway…