At the foot of our bubble studio at Kadaka tee 3a, Tallinn, there is a local parcel machine for buying bubble staff This is a locked closet with a selection of all our basic goods inside. You can buy them on your own right away and grab them.
Location next to the large chimney behind the house: https://hiigelmullid.ee/faq/kohapealt-kattesaamine.

You can get the Mulliselver cabinet code (if you don’t already have one) by sending a BUBBLE CUPboard with SMS content to your phone 56643394 (if there is no answer right away and fast, call the same number)

Selver is open 24/7.

In order to purchase:
1. Select the goods,
2. calculate the amount (price list in the closet, prices the same as on the website),
3. scan qr from the cabinet or enter the payment link url https://hiigelmullid.ee/,
4. Pay in your internet bank.
5. Take the goods.
6. Close the cabinet.
7. Start bubbling immediately, if it feels to

At least the following selection of goods is in the closet:
1. 1/3/5/10 litre concentrate of giant bubbles;
2. Short and long sticks, rolls, flags
3. Bubble machine liquid
4. Bubble fluid in a large canister (10l)
5. Cotton candy machine sugars (min 5 options) and sticks

Cool Giant Bubbling!