Is the bubble liquid sold in a store (ie regular bubble liquid) suitable for giant bubbles?

As a rule, giant bubbles liquid is not sold in shopping centers. Refill bottles are usually designed for small bubbles and the liquid in small bubbles is not suitable for making giant soap bubbles (bubbles break). The liquid in the small bubbles does not have the required viscosity. Individual toy shops offer (usually as a set) large bubble-making liquid – in which case the packaging must indicate separately that it is suitable for making large bubbles. Generally, the amount of liquid in such a kit is very small (less than 1 liter).

The liquid in small bubbles forms a small fragile bubble that breaks off quickly and does not allow the formation of multiple bubbles. The liquid in thegiant bubbles stretches and stretches and eventually breaks.

Large soap bubbles can be made with the liquid of soap bubbles (incl. Used in a bubble machine) but it is recommended that the liquid would be diluted with water. The concentrate of giant bubbles must be diluted 1: 4 (1liter concentrate gives 5 litres of lquid) with water not 1: 2. The diluted liquid should be used quickly, as the liquid in the giant bubbles becomes too dilute over time and the bubbling properties disappear within 24 hours.