How to prepare for bubbling?

Bubbling requires:

  • ready-mixed bubbling liquid (if you bought a concentrate – water for mixing)
  • plastic bowls or buckets
  • bubbling wands-roll-srods
  • preferably also (optional):
    • plastic screen to remove foam and debris
    • for hanging, a stand or branch for unused equipment
    • pack of drying napkins
    • clean water nearby eg in case of contact with eyes

What to do before bubbling:

  • Put the bowls away from each other so that the bubblers and bubbles do not interfere with each other
  • shake the liquid slightly and pour into a bowl
  • if you bought a concentrate, mix it with warm tap water (well water, river water, etc.). Mix only the amount of liquid that is expected to be used, as it will keep for up to 48 hours
  • roll up the sticks and hang them on a stand / branch or put them down next to the bowls to wait for the bubblers
  • in quieter weather work better (effect!), wands with one big opening and rollers*
  • With higher winds 3-; 7 opening wands are cooler *

* They work the other way around but need more dexterity. Single-opening wands need to be opened less and closed faster with the wind; with silent weather, the means to catch the air are turning around or moving back.