How to bubble?

How to bubble:

  • instruct children, do not allow them to wave, spray, destroy equipment
  • don’t let more than 3-5 children go to one bubbling bowl – they will start to interfere with each other (get wet nicely, right)
  • make sure the bubbles do not fly on the highway or other less suitable places
  • remove the thicker foam and debris from the bowl with a sieve or other aid – this will not benefit the stability of the bubbles
  • do it yourself to catch children and create a mood for me


  • all products must always be completely immersed in the liquid
  • be polite and have other bubblers dip in a bowl
  • it’s good to let the excess liquid drip back into the bowl for a few seconds (more economical)
  • your back must face the wind (downwind without bubbles): Bubbles should form away from you, not towards you
  • the wind / airflow should always be perpendicular to the bubble wrap – adjust, the wind will play often
  • Bubbles should not move quickly – no faster than a full spoonful is lifted into the mouth😊
  • the twists must be unscrewed with the help of a stick – you get bigger bubbles
  • must not be waved, beaten with cords, dragged along the ground
  • to control children who tend to break me with some objects – it is dangerous for others
  • do not shake the bubbling agent in the bowl – they create foam, but the foam does not contribute to the formation of bubbles
  • don’t break me – bubblers are sad (

Great bubbly!