Concentrate, mixing and storage of bubble liquid

Making bubble liquid from giant bubble concentrate is very easy. Mix 1 part Giant Bubble Concentrate and 2 parts water.

3 reasons why the bubble liquid of giant bubbles is in the form of a concentrate:

  1. Lasts longer;
  2. Compact and takes up less space;
  3. More practical

Observations and recommendations:

  1. It is important to follow the correct amount of water to ensure the correct consistency of the bubble fluid;
  2. You can use tap-well-rain and even river water to mix the concentrate of giant bubbles;
  3. Make only the required amount, as the reconstituted bubble liquid only lasts for 24-48 hours
  4. Debris in the bubble fluid during use accelerates the deterioration of the bubble fluid;
  5. Do not spill the remaining bubble liquid with clean bubble liquid, as this will also damage the clean liquid;
  6. The damaged bubble liquid is whitish, cloudy and no more bubbles are formed.
  7. Occasionally, the bubble concentrate may be spoiled. A decent concentrate is clear and clear. The whitish, opaque is spoiled, there is often a creature inside. Should this happen, get in touch – we’ll replace the concentrate for free!