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Nutisahver OÜ (12970077)

Physical location starting from 01.05.2022: Kadaka tee 3a, Tallinn, Mustamäe. Registration address: Selleri 13/3, Laagri, Saue parish. NB! There is no physical store at either address (we don’t have it at all yet :)) but it is possible to get acquainted with the goods on Kadaka Road with advance notice. The ordered goods can be picked up at Kadaka 3a 24 hours a day.


Telephone: +372 566 433 94 (EP 7-23)

Whatsapp: +372 566 433 94 (EP 7-23)

FB messenger: https://m.me/hiigelmullid (24/7)

Email: hiigelmullid@gmail.com

See also the FAQ “On-site collection” for exact location instructions.


Meie lugu

Giant bubbles are the passion of our family!

As a child, who wouldn’t have liked to blow me away and chase them? At least for our family, bubbles cover the blue sky, soap balls that soak in the sun and shields of children running on the lawn. We were on a trip with my family when we noticed a street artist offering the art of giant bubbles to passers-by. We were so touched by that moment that we decided to share that joy and emotion with others. So when we got home, we started researching different bubble liquids, the best technologies and solutions. Before we realized it, we were invited to celebrate both small and large parties at various events. That’s where our family business Giant Bubbles grew! Today we have attended hundreds of fairs, birthday parties and moments of pastime. Encouraged by the joy of cheering, we have added a sugar machine, handicrafts and, of course, other tools to our product range during this time, so that you can have a great party!

You are very welcome to look around our website and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!